Bosley Revitalizer Laser Cap Replacement Batteries

Bosley Revitalizer Laser Cap Replacement Batteries

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Do you find yourself charging your battery pack more and more frequently? Over time, rechargeable batteries gradually lose their ability to hold a charge and keep electronics fully powered. Revive your Bosley Revitalizer with a pair of OEM, 2500mAH capacity batteries. These eco-friendly, rechargeable batteries replace your existing batteries so that your Revitalizer can have full power again. These are perfectly compatible with the Bosley Revitalizer battery pack, so you can continue your LLLT treatments.

Replacement Batteries are compatible with: Bosley Revitalizer 96, 164, and 272 

NOTE: To help extend the battery lifespan, fully charge the batteries before use. This may take 4 – 6 hours. All 4 blue lights will be illuminated and solid.

(2 pack)


Capacity: 2500mAh
Composition: Lithium Ion
Voltage: 3.6v
Type: Replacement Battery
Rechargeable: Yes

To install replacement batteries into the battery pack, slide the protective cover down and upwards. Remove the old batteries and replace with the new batteries. When inserting the batteries ensure the “+” and “-“ symbols match. Slide the protective cover back on and charge the batteries.

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