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BosVolumize Hair Thickening Fibers naturally bond to existing hair with keratin fibers that blend and cover thinning and low-density areas. Because our own hair is made of Keratin and naturally holds a positive charge, BosleyMD Hair Thickening Fibers are designed to mimic our own human hair but with a negative charge. Therefore, when negatively-charged, lightweight, easily blended BosleyMD Fibers come in contact with our positively-charged hair, it creates a static-cling effect, naturally binding to the hair shaft creating instantly thicker, fuller-looking hair.


  • Creates instant thicker fuller-looking hair
  • Electrostatically attaches to existing hair follicles
  • Covers-up fine and thinning areas of hair
  • Perfect for temporary cover-up post-procedure
  • Enhances existing procedure density
  • Easy Application
  • Cruelty-Free, Sulfate-Free, Paraben-Free, Color Safe


  • Style hair as usual.
  • Liberally shake fibers into thinning areas of completely dry hair and gently style into place with fingers or comb.
  • Shampoo to remove.


  • For added hold, spray BosleyMD Styling Hairspray after applying Hair Thickening Fibers.
  • BosleyMD Hair Thickening Fibers also work great as a root touch-up in-between color service.

The above Tips & Tricks are general, helpful recommendations on product usage and should not be considered medical advice.