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Women's Minoxidil Sprayer Info

Two 2oz Bottles with spray applicator

Active Ingredient: Minoxidil 2% w/v
Inactive Ingredients: alcohol (30% w/v), propylene glycol, purified water

Important: When applying BosleyMD Hair Regrowth Treatment, make sure the medication is sprayed directly onto the scalp. The medicine will not work if it is sprayed only on your hair and does not reach your scalp. Carefully follow the instructions provided on the packaging on how to use the child-resistant sprayer pump to apply BosleyMD Hair Regrowth Treatment.

  • Firmly hold the bottle upright with the turning wheel on the back of the bottle facing you.
  • Push in the small tab located to the bottom right of the turning wheel.
  • While holding the tab in, press down on the top of the sprayer and turn the upper part of the sprayer with the turning wheel to the left until the spray nozzle is centered between the beveled grooves on the front of the bottle.
  • Then prime the sprayer by holding the bottle upright and pumping the sprayer 5 times to ensure delivery of a full spray. Be careful not to inhale the mist.
  • Aim the sprayer at your area of thinning hair or hair loss and spray directly onto scalp. Pump the sprayer 6 times to apply a 1 mL dose and pump. Use twice a day. Do not exceed 6 pumps.
  • Tap product into hair and let the product dry before applying any styling products.
After applying BosleyMD Hair Regrowth Treatment, use the turning wheel to turn the sprayer cap back to the right to release the tab which places the sprayer nozzle behind the sprayer cap wall. Make sure the sprayer cannot be pushed or pumped before putting the bottle away.
Apply 1 ML, 2 times a day (morning and night) directly onto the scalp in the hair loss area. Lightly tap or massage the product into scalp. Do not use more. Spread the liquid evenly over the hair loss area. Wash hands with soap and water immediately after applying. Each bottle should last about one month if used as directed. Use a mild shampoo if you wash your scalp before applying BosleyMD Hair Regrowth Treatment Regular Strength for Women.