Bosley Micro-Roller Replacement Kit

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The Bosley™ Micro-Roller Replacement Kit includes our one-of-a-kind replacement tray and three Micro-Roller Heads. It allows roller heads to be seamlessly removed and replaced while minimizing waste. Each replacement head consists of 540 medical grade stainless steel needles, measuring 0.25mm and is designed to fit the Bosley Micro-Roller.

How to replace your Micro-Roller head:

Replace your micro-roller head every 2 months, approximately 20 uses, to ensure that your treatments are optimized, safe, and clean.

1. Use the removal slot, located on the right of the case, to remove the old micro-roller head. PRO TIP: Hold the Micro-Roller at an 80° angel and slide the right side in then the left side.

2. Glide your Micro-Roller handle over to a replacement head and lower it. The new roller head will snap right on.

3. Dispose of the old roller head.


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